Vocaloid - Kaito IceCream Fever
Hello, uhm, I'm Kaito.. it's a pleasure to meet you!

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loudly kisses on the cheek. smek.

"Ah- Thank you, anon?"

eats all ur icecream

"Hey! Don’t do that! Aside from the obvious stomach ache you’ll get.. you’ve got to buy that all back now!"


"Ah, yes? What is it?"


Whew I think this will be my last set for the week hopefully! Anyway Vocaloids are very dear to me and I am a sucker for rainbows so here are some paper stars of themmmmm ;u; I really want to do the rest (specifically the AH-Software family and the VYs and basically 84728 other ones) but that will be a goal for another dayyyy… in the far future…

I will be selling these and other paper stars at Fanime and in my store!